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2019 Trend Predictions

In mid October Momofuku chef, Shaun King, when asked about his insights into 2019’s hottest trends, made many predictions, among them being the hype around large format dining and server-less restaurants.

What exactly is large format dining? Restaurants for sure like it. To put it simply: Imagine a busy restaurant on a Friday night preparing 10 or more individual dishes for a large party. It can get confusing easily, especially for the waiter “trying to remember who got the linguine.” says Felix Salmon of Grubstreet. But with large format, chefs have one large animal/piece of meat for preparation with some sides which won’t go unphotographed or forgotten, so from a restaurant’s perspective, this is a win-win.

The RailYard, as a food hall, falls under the server-less category and King’s forecast can be seen all across America. Online forum, Food News Feed just 5 days ago announced the first few chefs for a new incubator food hall in Columbus, Ohio by developer Kevin Lykens. This specific food hall is one of about 15 by Cameron Mitchel Restaurants (CMR), including popular Dallas steak and seafood house, Ocean Prime.

Like our concept for The RailYard, “CMR will provide management of the overall concept and will provide all services related to Budd Dairy’s culinary, beverage and entertainment programs.”

Currently under construction with a projected opening date in 2020, The Food Hall Co. is at it again developing Nashville Food Hall, similar in character to Plano’s famed Legacy Food Hall (December 2017). TFH Co. is a subsidiary of Front Burner Dining Group that boasts many developed restaurants scattered in and around Dallas.

At the start of The RailYard’s project, the team flew to Vegas to visit Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh’s multimillion dollar development in Las Vegas, The Downtown Container Park.  Several successful entrepreneurs have flown the nest from the DCP including St. Louis born Natalie Young. She was on her way out of Vegas when snagged by Hsieh and now owns 4 successful restaurants. We were lucky enough to get a meeting in with the managers of Container Park and help round our plans for our own server-less restaurant in the Texoma Region. We can’t help but think these community dining experiences are not just a trend, but a long lasting impression on the way we interact with one another and view the dining experience as a whole.

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written by TRYincubator
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