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Market Research

We found through our research that parking was an issue for single use restaurants on Main Street. A multi-tenant restaurant concept (food hall) gives people incentive to park and walk. There is an abundance of existing and upcoming culinary talent in the area and we would like to harness and promote that talent through new restaurant start-ups. We feel specifically suited, through strategic partnerships and...

“To scale”

It was midday in mid August 2017. We started with a simple blueprint of 507 layed out on the kitchen counter from our architect. I had to count out the little graph paper squares to match the layout of a classic food truck with 8x20 dimensions. One square on graph paper = 1/4” = 1' in real life. Creating a replica of the inside of...

Project Incentives

Watch as our Founder & CEO talks about the project incentives from the federal, state, and local levels. Thanks to Frank Sanza at Slingshot17 Productions. 1725 South Austin Avenue Denison, TX 75020 (903) 818-1721 Facebook

Sadler, TX

Ever been to Wildberry Farms? Located in Sadler, TX, attached above is the link to their Facebook page boasting 11k likes and mouth watering pictures of blackberries, blueberries and sunflowers!!   Last August, the TRYi team accompanied Grayson College's Executive Chef, Joanna Bryant to visit another attraction at Wildberry, the food truck. While we're DYING to try these spring mixed salads, we were there for...

Remember those old hardwoods that were original to the building? We stripped them from the top and bottom floors. The time came for them to be moved to a temporary home, to be milled and eventually be moved back in where they belong.  We ask that if you have had experience renovating a historical building, to please share in a comment below. We love to...

Linkedin job posting

Chef at TRYi The above link will allow you to see our job posing looking for chefs in the Lake Texoma region and the DFW metroplex. We have already met with a handful of prospects in the area and would love to meet more! Share if you know someone interested in restaurant ownership one day.  


TRYincubator is now on LinkedIn! The link above will connect you to our Linkedin account. We will be posting all of our updates and blog posts there, to reach a bigger/different audience.        

Hidden Gems Video

Watch below as our Founder discusses the surprises of renovating a historical building. Comment if you knew these surprises existed in Denison, TX.  

Hidden Gems

  Around the turn of the 20th century the downtown streets of Denison TX were illuminated by kerosene street lamps. With the advent of electricity, kerosene was no longer the best fuel source to the old tanks which were encapsulated in concrete and sealed. One hundred years later they were discovered under the sidewalk at 507 W. Main Street by accident during the installation of...

Watch the Founder & CEO of The Railyard reflect on why he chose Denison, TX as the city to invest in developing property and what the city means to him. Please follow and share The Railyard Incubator on YouTube to see our heartfelt journey on restoring a historical building in the dear town of Denison, TX.