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Denison, Texas

” When I first came to Denison, it really felt like my first hometown where my parents are still living. A small town that was left behind when industry changed. In the case of my hometown, agriculture changed, tobacco was no longer in vogue. The manufacturing moved down to Mexico. The two primary drivers for employment left. And you see the historic town on a shipping lane off the coast of North Carolina dilapidate. And those buildings really like being lived in.

I saw the process as I got through college of investors coming back and putting money into those town speculatively and slowly something would take root, and now there’s a thriving community and Denison is built on a very similar model; along Main Street instead of the squares you have in the county seat. It allows for this beautiful visibility of a multi-storied historic downtown. Often with that, you get an amazing personality with the people who live there, who are very artsy and welcoming, so when we came to Denison, it felt like home.”

Josh Massey, The RailYard owner

written by TRYincubator
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