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How Different Incubator Niches Can Help You

In the world of incubators, different branches are formed in order to tailor the needs of a specific niche. For example, we are an incubator specifically for the food and beverage industry: we help chefs get to restaurant ownership. Others, can even branch out from their offerings to support a certain demographic. Whether or not you are opening a restaurant, below you will find some info that could be beneficial to you as a business owner.

The Federal Government offers contracting programs for female small business owners.

Why is this important for you?
If you are a female business owner and your business is SBA (Small Business Association) certified, you can apply for the Federal Government’s Contracting Program. If you are a part of the Contracting Program, it makes your business eligible for Federal contracts specifically set aside for the program.

Contracting Eligibility Requirements:
1. Be a small business
2. Be at least 51% owned or controlled by a female US citizen.
3. Have women be the ones that manage day-to-day functions and long-term decisions of the company.

Females: for those of you interested in the food and beverage industry, the following business qualify according to the Federal Government:

1. limited-service restaurants
2. caterers
3. mobile food services
4. full-service restaurants

Interested? you can visit this website. NWBOC certify women owned businesses.

NWBOC is the first national certifier of WBEs and provides national certification for women and veteran-owned companies.

Certification ensures that a private, for-profit company is truly owned and controlled by a woman and/or veteran.

written by TRYincubator
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