About The Railyard

in 1900

The 507 W Main Street

The 507 W Main Street building was built in 1900 and housed the Piggly Wiggly in Denison, TX. The historical building was purchased in 2016. Adjacent to the building is Kaboodles, an antique shop selling vintage items and art. The building is built with two stories covering a total of 12,000 sq feet. 507 W Main is historically significant in accordance to the Grayson County Historical Society’s guidelines using existing materials whenever possible.

There is an active community life between the Main Street district and Denison Live hosted at Heritage Park. Entertainment and fun is brought to the locals like the Denison Fall Festival in early October. Located in the 500 block west of Heritage Park amidst the thriving downtown Main Street, the historical building will bookend the growing district and play a large role in the community’s activities.

Property values in Denison have already doubled since the 2016 purchase of the building.