Downtown Container Park, Vegas

The Railyard incubator is a restaurant incubator in the budding phases of seeing what becomes of all the right ingredients to start a restaurant: building codes, historical society regulations, copyright applications, and design ideas. This weekend, we put all of this aside to explore, to widen our horizons of truly unique restaurant concepts in a thriving environment. By this, we mean Downtown Container Park, Las Vegas.

Talk about extraordinary design, the first of its kind, this park is unequivocally the coolest modern structure we had seen simply because of our dreams. Downtown Container Park is the epitome of great structural design. Its various, intertwining staircases, multiple levels, and full spectrum of well-placed eateries offer up a sense of “Neverland-ness”: you’ll want to stay forever. And you certainly won’t want to grow up anymore after you see their slides and play structure… those kids have got it made!!


Speaking of the food, you could easily dip into numerous hot spots showcased, jumping around from one to the next, nibbling on dish after dish to make sure you don’t miss a thing. And that’s exactly what we did. While we weren’t able to try them all, what we had was mind blowing and left us wanting more.


In addition to all the amenities this place has, the management was amazing. Kristine, the General Manager took us on a tour of the park and answered all of our questions. We were later met by John, who helped oversee the construction and real estate portfolios of The Downtown Project.

While still here in Vegas, our team feels refreshed and well-welcomed after seeing this awesome destination. The entirety of Vegas does not compare to the sense of community within Downtown Container Park.

Thank you John and Kristine for meeting with us and making our experience worthwhile!


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