We stopped by the warehouse on Monday, January 15th to oversee the status of our pine floor joists. They are being turned into wood flooring for our upstairs lofts.

Each plank will be 27′ long and 10″ wide with tongue and groove on the ends so they can interlock together.

To get to this completed product, they all have to be milled. Milling is the process of making a piece of wood flat – this includes making the faces not only flat but also smooth, and the corners to be at 90 degrees.

In order to mill them, there has to be a completely level surface where a saw shaves off small amounts of wood (kind of like a cheese grater) until it is flat and smooth.

A couple of our guys built their own leveled surface to make this process possible. We wouldn’t be up to speed on our project without them.

Keep in mind how long the pine planks are. The entire plank has to be supported at all times, while being slid across a level surface. Have a look below!

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