Upstairs Neighbors

Once the upstairs lofts are complete, the 507 West Main building will be a mixed use space. Residential above, commercial below.

With the help of 708 Studios’ architects and the general contractor at Enterprise Contracting Solutions, we are closer to reaching our 2018 goals of adding more living and dining options to Denison, TX.

The teams we’ve been working with has created blueprints for upstairs and downstairs, as well as renderings to help everyone visualize what this space will look like.

708 Studios has been stress free to work with from their punctuality to their drawings. Above is an architectural blueprint most recently created for posting and social media purposes.

Enterprise Contracting Solutions has implemented a software to show their clients what a future space will look like. The Lofts above TRYincubator are long and rectangular, so the view above is looking from the kitchen island out to the living room.

This is the view from the Loft windows that face Main Street in Denison. You would look all the way back to the kitchen which leads to a wash and powder room.

On the front windows of our building is a “LOFTS for Rent” sign with an attached copy of these renderings and blueprint. If you are interested in renting, feel free to contact us at

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