A Restaurant Incubator

  • The roadmap from concept to full restaurant:
  • Searching for the best and brightest chefs in the area.
  • Weeding through the business plans to find those most likely to succeed.
  • Mentoring them through the three-year riskiest period with milestones along the way.
  • Helping them launch their own full restaurants.

The modular kitchen design can reduce the high cost of entry to the chef. Short term leases in modular spaces can cut their exposure by 90%.

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We were inspired early on by food trucks. What we envisioned from the start took us to the internet googling photos to see their exterior designs and lead us to our top three choices. A sleek, black look on a small kitchen is what drew us to Bleecker Street. This characteristic captures you in the uniqueness and deviation from the normalcies of the food truck world. The Bowery Market in New York City encapsulates you into this Never Land kind of place with small, winding corners covered in hovering plants and dreamy lights all around. These inspirational elements cemented a firm idea of what the inside of The Railyard would look like. We cannot wait to share this with you.

Why Denison

We found through our research that parking was an issue for single use restaurants on Main Street. A multi-tenant restaurant concept (food hall) gives people incentive to park and walk. There is an abundance of existing and upcoming culinary talent in the area and we would like to harness and promote that talent through new restaurant start-ups. We feel specifically suited, through strategic partnerships and expert consultants, to help new talent succeed in the restaurant space. The layout of our space and the historic designation allow us to focus on bringing multiple concepts to market at once while highlighting the lineage of the area. Bringing back the historical charm to the city means putting money back into the community.

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